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Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout

In honour of this year’s Stout Day, I gave Hitachino Nest’s Espresso Stout a go—turned out to be a fine celebration of the noble stout.

When there’s a flavour in the name of the brew, the fear is that that flavour is going to be all in your face, but that’s not the case with the espresso flavour in this one. It’s happy to share the stage with a bit of cocoa and malt tastes. It’s not quite as heavy or bitter as stouts can be either. Not quite crisp, but almost, with a small bit of carbonation. Very pleasing drink.

Hitachino Nest is fast becoming one of my favourite breweries. I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything of theirs I’ve tried and the Espresso Stout is no exception.

Hitachino Nest Festive Ale 2011

My experience with limited edition holiday brews has been good; generally enjoyable and at the very least, interesting. The Hitachino Nest Festive Ale is no exception to this.

I’m unfamiliar with the brewery’s “regular” beers, so I can’t compare it that way. I found it to be as flavourful as my personal gold-standard beer, Innis & Gunn, only with a less fruity, sweeter taste. There is a hint of orange among the various winter spices used but the overall flavour was “caramelly”. Slightly carbonated, but also stronger — 8% ABV — so it’s one to enjoy slowly.

From the rear label:

“This commemorative ale was brewed specially to celebrate the new year using cinnamon and coriander. Please enjoy while you forget the worries and troubles of the old year.”

I’ll drink (again) to that.