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Innis & Gunn Blonde

I remember trying the Blonde Innis back when I was first introduced to the brand, but not really taking to it. I would have the odd bottle to change it up, but it wasn’t ever as good as the Original, or as interesting as the variants when they appeared.

I must have always had the Blonde in a season that wasn’t summer because this where it fits perfectly. It has the richness of flavour of any other I&G brew, but it’s lighter and crisper which suits the summer months.

Would definitely drink again, especially if it’s served cold and on a patio.

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask

I have loved Innis & Gunn for quite some time now and the Rum Cask is no exception. I was lucky enough to be given an Innis & Gunn glass for my birthday by Jeff and Patricia and I always drink my I&G out of it! It pours a beautiful brown color with very little head that dissipates quickly. Smelling it, the rum aroma is very present. I love the rich dimension that being aged in whiskey casks gives to the Original I&G and that same dimension is present here but being aged in a rum cask gives it a different touch.  The Rum Cask has that typical sweet, malty, rich Innis & Gunn.

I would drink this again. In fact I will be drinking it again, many times, since I bought a case recently when it was on sale at Superstore. Kim had to convince me to buy the case. You know you married the right woman when she urges you to buy your beer by the case!