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Saison Houblon


Since trying Brooklyn’s Sorachi Ace courtesy of Taylor Reese I have been interested in saisons. This one is brewed by Brasserie Trois Dames, Sainte-Croix, Switzerland and came came highly recommended from Keg n Cork.
I love the labels on Brasserie Trois Dames bottles.


I poured it out into a tulip glass and noted the hoppy aroma. The hops don’t come through like I was hoping they would in the flavour however. It’s a bit on the sweeter side.  Altogether it’s a nice beer. I would drink it again but wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.



Sorachi Ace–Brooklyn Brewery

Sorachi Ace is described as a farmhouse ale or saison by its makers, The Brooklyn Brewery. It features and is named for the rare Japanese Sorachi Ace hop. Pour this cloudy gold beer slowly, as it’s rather sudsy. I enjoyed both the hop and the lemon flavor right away. I tasted wheat and a bit of spice through the middle before it finished dry and sweet. Overall a very light, bright beer with a nice range of flavour.

Beyond the uniqueness brought by the sorachi ace hop, I enjoyed the little reminders of two of my other favorite types of beer: Czech pilsners and Belgian ales.

But would I drink it again? Absolutely. In fact, I already have.