Haus Frau Euro Pilsner


Last night my good friend Dave and I went out for beers. I had seen a pub pop up often on Untappd and it seemed like they had a great beer selection. We drove over to check it out only to find that someone had tagged their house as a pub on Foursquare and then checked in there using Untappd. Jerk. From there we went to The Public. Packed. We finally ended up at Original Joes.
I’ve never gone to Original Joes specifically for beer but I thought I’d give it a try. They have all of the regular Canadian macro brewed beers on tap that you’d expect in a typical Edmonton restaurant / bar.
They have their own Original Joes branded beers so I thought I’d give them a try. The first one I tried was the Haus Frau pilsner.
I’m a big fan of this style of beer. I like a good pilsner. This is not a good pilsner.
It’s bland and dull, pretty much a cheap mass produced light lager. Bleh. They have a lot of nerve calling this a pilsner.
I asked the bartender who brews their house beer and his answer spoke volumes. Big Rock. No wonder it was terrible.
I would never drink this again.

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