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Murasaki Dragon by Alley Kat Brewing Co.

Dear @alleykatbeer, please never stop making this beer. #yegbeer #drinkagain (via Untappd)

I posted that in all seriousness. I want to support Alley Kat more than I do, but to date the only beer I’ve wanted to pursue was the extremely limited run of Fresh Hop Full Moon Pale Ale. If my appreciation for hops wasn’t apparent to you before,  it should be now.

One of my favorite beers from the last few years is Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn Brewery. That beer introduced me to the hop that Alley Kat used in Murasaki Dragon. The biggest difference between these two beers would probably be aggression. Brooklyn brewed a Saison, while Alley Kat produced a double IPA (or DIPA) with somewhere north of 75 IBU. This beer has what most of Alley Kat’s lineup is missing in my opinion, which is some teeth.

This means that in Murasaki Dragon you’ll get all the good stuff you’re looking to find in an IPA. It smells piney and lemony. The colour is gorgeous. And while the hops are obvious when it first hits your palette, you can catch up with some malt in the middle and there is enough fruity sweetness to carry it through to a nice but dry finish.


Alley Kat has this listed as a limited run beer, but I’m willing to start a petition and possibly even chain a close friend to some sort of barrier in protest if they don’t find a way to continue production of this beer. I believe that it stands head and shoulders above any other beer being brewed in Edmonton currently.

After that initial post on Untapped, I made sure I would drink this again. I bought a case of it. Alley Kat, if you keep making it, I’ll keep buying it and drinking it. Again and again.

Back in Black

21st Amendment brewery is named after the repeal of prohibition, and being opinionated themselves they brew opinionated beer. This one is a black IPA, which as far as I can tell just means that it’s an IPA with a bit more toasty malt to round out the flavour. It’s got a big, friendly grapefruit opening, with a bit of a bitter finish.

Would I drink it again? Hell, yes; I am right now!

Pelee Island Malbec 2011

Pelle Island Winery Malbec











This review is a first for me, I don’t normally drink wine. This month though as sort of an experiment in health I’ve  decided to not eat wheat or sugar. I want to see if it affects the way I feel, or look. the wheat thing also includes beer. I know. But it’s only a month, and February is the shortest month of the year. Anyway this brings me to wine. I’ve been wanting to try a malbec ever since reading the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. He loves it and goes on and on about it. I bought this bottle a couple months ago but never quite got around to drinking it, I mean, there’s so much beer and so little time. This month…so little beer and so much time.

This wine comes from the Pelee Island Winery. According to their website they are the “Southernmost winery in Canada, located in the Lake Erie North Shore region.”. I thought malbecs all came from Argentina but apparently it’s a more widespread grape variety, we grow it right here at home in Canada.

Pelee Island Winery Malbec 2011











I don’t really know anything about wine so I tasted it the same way I taste beer. Actually I taste spirits the same way too, it seems to work. I poured it into a glass and checked its appearance. Probably the thing I love most about wine is the colour, This wine poured out a rich ruby. Really nice looking. Then I sniffed it. A lot. The nose was really fruity. The label on the bottle mentioned plums and blackberries, that works for me, who am I to argue? That fruity smell carried through in the taste as well. This is a very light, smooth wine with a pleasantly bitter finish. Kim thinks it would be a nice wine to have in the summer. I don’t disagree.

I would certainly drink this again!

Thor’s Equinox

I was asked to retrieve a tasty treat for my lovely spouse, and I decided that I, too, deserved a treat. After much consideration I decided to try something a little out of the IPA bucket. Naturally, deciding to grab a random beer led to Vikings.

Thor's Equinox, label

It poured very attractively, and for all that I’m not a huge fan of the belgian style beers by default, I think I like this one. I lack the foodie framework for coming up with flowery adjectives, but suffice to say it’s very tasty.

Thor's Equinox, Glassed

As noted, it’s quite pretty.

Vital Stats:

  • 9.0% ABV
  • Brewed in Seattle
  • Belgian-style Dark Ale
  • 2x the hammers
  • Sleep is where it’s a viking, too.

Saison Houblon


Since trying Brooklyn’s Sorachi Ace courtesy of Taylor Reese I have been interested in saisons. This one is brewed by Brasserie Trois Dames, Sainte-Croix, Switzerland and came came highly recommended from Keg n Cork.
I love the labels on Brasserie Trois Dames bottles.


I poured it out into a tulip glass and noted the hoppy aroma. The hops don’t come through like I was hoping they would in the flavour however. It’s a bit on the sweeter side.  Altogether it’s a nice beer. I would drink it again but wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.



Rosée D’hibiscus – Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel

Rosée D’hibiscus is an herbed, spiced beer thatvcomes from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel in St-Jerome, Quebec.

It’s been sitting in my basement for a few months and I finally decided to try it and I’m glad I did.

It’s a great looking beer. It pours a beautiful ruby, the color of rose hip juice.

The look and fruity aroma suggests a sweet beer but it is pleasantly tart. It has a nice light floral taste with a touch of spice.

This is the first beer I’ve tried from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel and I will definitely try others now. It really seems like Quebec has a great beer scene going on. Maybe a beer tour in Quebec is in order.

I’d drink this one again.



Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout

In honour of this year’s Stout Day, I gave Hitachino Nest’s Espresso Stout a go—turned out to be a fine celebration of the noble stout.

When there’s a flavour in the name of the brew, the fear is that that flavour is going to be all in your face, but that’s not the case with the espresso flavour in this one. It’s happy to share the stage with a bit of cocoa and malt tastes. It’s not quite as heavy or bitter as stouts can be either. Not quite crisp, but almost, with a small bit of carbonation. Very pleasing drink.

Hitachino Nest is fast becoming one of my favourite breweries. I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything of theirs I’ve tried and the Espresso Stout is no exception.

Innis & Gunn Blonde

I remember trying the Blonde Innis back when I was first introduced to the brand, but not really taking to it. I would have the odd bottle to change it up, but it wasn’t ever as good as the Original, or as interesting as the variants when they appeared.

I must have always had the Blonde in a season that wasn’t summer because this where it fits perfectly. It has the richness of flavour of any other I&G brew, but it’s lighter and crisper which suits the summer months.

Would definitely drink again, especially if it’s served cold and on a patio.