Brouwerij’t IJ IPA

Brouwerij’t IJ produces an IPA, and just like the rest of the beers they brew it is unfiltered and unpasteurized. Unlike the rest of their beers it isn’t listed on their site, and while it’s an homage to American punk-style IPA’s it certainly has more depth and balance than I’m used to seeing out of American microbreweries.

I notice the bitter edge of the  hops, but that bitterness is cleaner than most American IPAs I’ve had. It also comes across fairly dry, which isn’t a surprise from a European brewer.

But lets get down to business. This is a good beer, however the most notable thing about it is the packaging. Being a designer I appreciate good packaging, and I’m not the only one to have appreciated the work done by Redthumb. Sites like Lovely Package and even an old favorite of mine, The Die Line, have both featured it. My smartphone photography won’t compare their professional results, but here goes nothing.

I would drink this again, and I might even keep the bottle.

This might be getting old for some of you, but thanks to Scott for the beer and delivery. <3!

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